Sundaes and Treats

Spoil Yourself!

lacigaleicecream.comJIMMY MAC CHOCOLATE ATTACK
If you crave chocolate, you’ll love a Jimmy Mac.  Slightly more sophisticated than many chocolate desserts, but every bit as decadent.   A Jimmy Mac consists of Cappuccino and French Vanilla ice cream between a warm brownie, covered in hot fudge sauce and garnished with fresh whipped cream, sliced almonds and topped with a seasonal berry.
Who is Jimmy Mac?
James Mac is a friend and colleague of my husband, George. James is one of those people who has a list of things he wants to do in his lifetime, and one of the things on his list is to have an ice cream named after him.  James was around when we first opened La Cigale in 2001, so we were glad to be able to help him achieve one of his lifetime goals.  He has since moved out West, but his name and sundae live on in Chelsea.

lacigaleicecream.comBANANA SPLIT
Most people know what a banana split is, but so many have never tried one.  This is something everyone should have at least once in their life.  Don’t be intimidated, it’s just a sundae!  Caution – don’t plan to eat one hour before or after the banana split!

For those who don’t know about a banana split, it’s a banana sliced lengthwise with 3 scoops of ice cream (or sorbet –customer’s choice), topped with hot fudge sauce, homemade strawberry and butterscotch sauce, fresh whipped cream, (peanuts if you like them) and of course a cherry (when they are in season – otherwise another fantastic looking berry).  ….. Voilà!

lacigaleicecream.comBERRIED ALIVE
Our most stunning sundae!  -Served in a tall parfait glass with classic parfait spoon.  Looks very impressive and some think is a healthier choice … let`s say it is.  It has fruit in it!
3 scoops of deep, dark, blackberry sorbet, layered between seasonal fruit, with a dollop of our homemade strawberry sauce, whipped cream, a fresh berry garnish and a homemade waffle swizzle stick finishes it off beautifully.  Yum!



(available in large and small cups – depending on the crisis)
A customized treat.  Your choice of ice cream or sorbet, (in a small we can fit 2 flavours, in a large we can cram in up to 3 flavours), topped with either hot fudge sauce or one of our homemade strawberry or butterscotch sauces, garnished with fresh whipped cream, peanuts if you like them, and a fresh berry.  Come on …. bring on a crisis, I dare you!

Homemade waffle cones
My kids say I come home smelling like waffle cone….. could be worse.  Once you smell them, your decision is made.

Thick and yummy, what else do I need to say.
Our staff are always posting their favourite combinations of milkshakes in our staff room.  I think we’ll have to add those suggestions to this site one day soon.
You can ask for any flavour ice cream or sorbet you like; and many customers try some pretty interesting if not scary combinations.  Luckily there is always a little bit left in the can after we have made them so we can try some of the more imaginative ones; and I must say there are some pretty fantastic combinations!

What is a malt?
We get this question all the time.  A malt is made with all the same ingredients as our milkshake but with the addition of malt.  It’s an old time flavour that many of us crave nostalgically.  If you have ever tasted a Malteser or a Whopper, you’ll recognize the flavour of malt.  Some flavours suit the addition of malt more than others.  For first timers, I recommend trying a chocolate, vanilla or cappuccino malt.  All 3 are winners!

lacigaleicecream.comFROSTED MOCHA
This treat is designed for the coffee obsessed.  It is not like the sweet and frothy Tim Horton’s Iced Cap – this is Coffee with a capital “C”.  Mocha sherbet blended with ice and strong coffee, a hint of sugar and topped with fresh whipped cream and chocolate drizzle.  A fantastic hit on a hot summer day!





The best thing on one of those sweltering hot days – a smoothie is cool, light and refreshing.  Ahhhh!  Reminds me of those old “7 up” commercials.

La Cigale has 2 kinds of smoothies.
1)  Very Berry – which is just as it sounds, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries,  with some banana to make it thick and smooth, blended with a strawberry-banana juice, ice and a hint of sugar.
2) Tropical smoothie.  It contains mango, pineapple, and banana and is blended with ice, lime juice, coconut milk, orange juice and a hint of sugar.  Can’t go wrong!


Nut free ice cream sandwichAbout Nut and Peanut allergies
It is extremely important to note that because we use peanuts and peanut butter in some of our ice creams, we must inform our customers that all our ice creams and sorbets may contain traces of nuts and peanuts.

Because we don’t want anyone to be left out of a trip to the ice cream shop, La Cigale has started offering ice cream cookie sandwiches from Mapleton’s. Try one of these organic, gluten free vanilla and chocolate chip cookie sandwiches – they are individually wrapped so we can assure our friends and family members of a fun and safe treat.