Ice Cream & Sorbet

Over 45 incredible-edible true flavours of ice cream and 11 fresh sorbet flavours for you to savour in so many ways at our counter:  sugar cones, cake cones, waffle cones and cups. From the freezer to your home: 500ml and 1litre tubs.
See our Ice cream cakes listing for other ways to enjoy our delicious flavours!


Most of our customers choose to eat our ice cream or sorbet in a cup or cone, either way, they are the same price for either icy treat, in these formats. You choose what size.   If you would like it in a cone, you have 3 choices, 1) a sugar cone, 2) a cake cone many call it a plain cone or 3) a homemade waffle cone these cost a little extra because we make them fresh, on site.

Then you must make the agonizing choice of flavour.
In a regular size you can choose 2 flavours if you like, in a large we can manage 3.

I know it seems complicated; after all it’s just ice cream, but we really like that customers can put together a combination that really excites them.  We encourage sampling, so try something you’ve never had before.  Who knows, you may come away with something other than chocolate!* Seasonal products, and/ or can be ordered specially.

Homemade waffle cones
My kids say I come home smelling like waffle cone….. could be worse.
Once you smell them, your decision is made.

Gluten-Free cones available

Dairy free ice cream is also available. It has a rice milk and coconut milk base. We must inform you that it can carry traces of milk and/or cream since it is served beside the regular ice cream.

About Nut and Peanut allergies
It is extremely important to note that because we use an assortment of nuts, peanuts and peanut butter in some of our ice creams, we must inform our customers that all our ice creams and sorbets may contain traces of nuts and peanuts.

Because we don’t want anyone to be left out of a trip to the ice cream shop, La Cigale has started offering ice cream cookie sandwiches from Mapleton’s. Try one of these organic, gluten, nut and peanut-free vanilla and chocolate chip cookie sandwiches – they are individually wrapped so we can assure our friends and family members of a fun and safe treat.