Hello 2016.  We are all very excited to be back… as always.  And although Good Friday hasn’t been the best day for ice cream weather-wise, it’s been great to see and hear all of you hard core ice cream lovers coming out, just as excited to see us as we are to see you.

As I sit here at my desk typing up this blog post, I am listening to 3 young boys discuss their favourite flavours.  « Mango … absolutely » one says.  « Mango’s good, but I love Lemon-Cassis Cheesecake ».  I did’t realize we had such sophisticated young customers.  But the younger crowd keeps surprising us with their un-chocolate choices.

This has to be one of my favourite times of year because I get to see happy – all be it cold- faces of customers and friends I haven’t seen in months.

What a great business to be in!